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Consensus, LLC is a for profit enterprise that focuses on the design of an organization. An intelligent design in the beginning phase of early start-ups is the foundation of an efficient and effective start-up organization. Passionate about providing basic, clean, and simple (BCS) approach to consultation on Incorporation, Social Business, Accounting and Taxation (ISAT). Driving enterprises to infuse community and passion while being focused at work in their ventures.​


Rhodora Empaynado principally serves the progressive city of Chapel Hill, North Carolina in the early stage development of start-ups.

She has lived in Northern, Southern California, New South Wales, Australia, New York, and now based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She is a social entrepreneur and an architect of change and is extremely focused on collaboration and providing a mindful recommendation to all clients. She understands the needs of early start-ups and becomes an ally to simplify the process of getting started.

Her advocacies include Environment, Women and Children education and rights, and Food as Medicine. Rhodora is a volunteer Consultant to Carolina Women’s Center and University of North Carolina’s Girls Talk Math.

Rhodora is an Enrolled Agent and a Master of Science in Taxation Graduate (MST) of California State University, Northridge. She has worked with organizations such as Fortune 500 Corporation, International Private Corporation, Big 4 Accounting Firm, and Start-Ups.


Barter & Borrow

This is Consensus community tool that allows start-ups to exchange, grow their ventures, borrow, and expand. Alliances with local businesses with the same ethos will be the goal. More details to follow.


Zero Waste, Supporting Local Economy, Equity and Equality for All, Biodynamic Pasture Raised Products, Environmental Working Group (EWG) Verified

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